Men's Group Training

9 men in a group
  • Jim Gibson
    “Juicy, authentic, rich with the meaningful kind of learning that really adds immense value to this work. Even though I’ve got 4 years experience running men’s groups, Kenny brings so much to the table I left with that wonderful state of beginner’s mind. The day was a powerful reframe of what our responsibility is as a facilitator, and only someone who’s done the hard work themselves, and forged their own unique method can offer a day’s training like this.”
    Jim Gibson
    Life Coach
  • Josh Fineman
    “As someone with no formal training whatsoever in facilitation or coaching, I found the training so helpful. Kenny was so reassuring, constantly reminding you that you don’t need all the answers. I found the whole group dynamic of the course so unique because you were literally learning on the job! I’ve since started my own groups and can safely say it’s some of the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done.”
    Josh Fineman
    Entrepreneur and MenFacilitate Graduate
We are experiencing a historical change in society’s attitude towards men’s mental health. It’s no longer a taboo subject and there’s a growing awareness that getting men to open up and talk about their issues isn’t just an opportunity to prevent blokes from boiling over, but a chance to help men grow into more confident, purposeful and rounded people.

We believe the group setting is the most powerful way to help men achieve this. Having helped thousands of men work through their sh*t, the key is all about creating and holding the space for them to do so.

Our MenFacilitate programme trains people like you to hold these spaces and make the best impact when you take these learnings back into your own communities.

What You Will Learn

During the full day introductory workshop you’ll experience a MenSpeak men’s group first hand and learn how to facilitate your own, in your own way.

You will learn:
* how to draw forth deeper discussion and respectfully respond from your centre, without judgment or influence.
* group dynamics
* body language
* masculine psychology
* the nitty gritty details such as time-keeping, holding the space and professional boundaries
* curve ball scenarios and how to deal with them
* how to find men to join your men’s group and what you should charge.

The skills you will learn don’t just apply to men’s groups. You can apply them at home, your workplace and any community, educational, or professional group and meeting.

Prices & Dates

The MenFacilitate training costs £150 with concessions available. Training sessions are normally held about once a month.

We have been extra busy since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Sign up to our newsletter, or contact us to find out the next MenFacilitate men's group training dates.

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