Closed Groups

men talking in a men's group
“Balancing professional ambition with wanting a work-life balance has always been a challenge for me. So being part of a closed group has really changed my life. It’s like having a new group of mates you can tell anything to but have zero expectations of. I can safely say I’ve become a more present dad, a more thoughtful partner and better person because of this. It’s magical.”
Josh Fineman
Our Closed Groups are the same group of men meeting monthly, in six month terms. Many men renew and stay in MenSpeak Closed Groups for years.

Closed Group men have the space to get to know one another at a deeper level than at the open groups.

Closed Group men get access to their own private WhatsApp group and self-organise social events. They also enjoy discounts and priority bookings on MenSpeak open groups and other events.

Contact us if you're interested in a Closed Group trial, sooner rather than later, as it can take time for a space to become available with the right closed group.
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