Digital Marketing Consultant

By Studio74

MenSpeak men's groups are looking for an experienced social / digital media marketing consultant to help create a strategy and structure that will spread awareness of the benefits of men's groups and get more people on to our MenFacilitate training, so our MenFacilitate graduates can use our tools to better themselves and contribute to their communities.

The end goal is to train people to hold men’s groups in their own communities, reducing NHS costs and mental health services waiting lists. I want to train people to facilitate men's groups everywhere, from students to the elderly, fathers to ex-forces and every man in between, nationwide (and worldwide online) and ideally making men's groups as freely available and accessible as 12 step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc.

MenSpeak founder Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz has a weekly MenSpeak Radio Show on The Men’s Radio Station that needs to be launched as a podcast. Kenny's guests of influence can help to put us on the map as they discuss their own emotional / mental / social health issues. We need a social media plan to grow our numbers leveraging guest's networks.

We need a strategy and SMM tools across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin and Meetup for minimum effort and maximum effect.

We need a plan for launching an online course(s), book(s) and a charity. We have plenty of content that needs editing and repurposing, including some mainstream TV and media content.

Please send us a proposal or get in touch if you can help or know of anyone who might be able to help.