This ebook will give you everything you need to hold successful online men’s groups straight away.

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You’ll learn the basics with Ground Rules and clear boundaries, and you’ll pick up the advanced tools of holding a space with impeccable communication and listening skills. You'll know how to meet men where they are, turn issues into insights through rounds of questions, so men can learn from each other's life experiences.

The simple tools and techniques I've developed over twenty years will enable you to hold a safe, clean space for men to hang out, be heard and get real. You can enable them to let go of who they no longer need to be, giving space for who they really are to emerge, with honest feedback from other men.

Many men live in fear and fantasy, second guessing and surviving life, rather than meeting life with embodied presence, passion, purpose and personal power. Here’s to transforming lost boys into authentic men, adjusting our sails to harness the winds of change.
“I felt a lot better after going to MenSpeak – just like the gym. Call it press-ups for the mind and circuit training for the soul.”
Tony Parsons, GQ Magazine 

Would you like to take things further?

Then join our free online Facilitators Group for continuing professional development, where you can learn and grow with your peers - and I’ll answer all your questions in a weekly video.
Facilitators Group members gain access to online men’s, women’s and personal development groups with debriefing sessions, to learn from one-another. You can choose to simply observe, and when you’re ready, you can step up to facilitate and grow into your individual style.
You’ll also get first dibs on live and online workshops, retreats, adventures away and individual / group supervision sessions to debrief your own groups and clients, fine tuning your service to your niche and developing a thriving, purposeful business.
We launch our accredited training next year where delegates will receive a full tool kit and CPD points. Facilitators Group members will be the first to be invited to apply. We’re looking for our first cohort of trainers to meet demand and share our tools within a rapidly changing world.

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