MenAware : Expression, Body Language & Social Dynamics

menaware body language, social dynamics and expression

Updated 30th Nov 2020

**All of our groups and workshops are currently online only**

Do you want to be an authentic man - oozing personal power, potent presence, living with passion and purpose?

Everyone (I know) finds an authentic man more irresistible than muscles, money or monkeying about like the best act on the scene! This goes for your personal, as well as professional life - who wants to work with a cheap fraudster?

In this mini-workshop you will be offered questions and crystal clear feedback from Kenny, as well as the other men in group, on how you come across : posture, tone, attitude, presentation, friendly or anti-social, body language and the subtleties that make all the difference. 

You will be shown how to adjust from who you've been to how you want to be seen, in all your authentic glory, in a simple and practical way (recorded on Zoom, for your own reference and no one else's eyes).

We'll discuss personal and professional relationship issues, enabling you to embody your authentic self beyond the old survival masks that have failed to attract what you want in life.

"Inspiring, revolutionary, this completely changed the way I approached finding love and connection with others. I've always been crap with girls and I've always found it hard to reach the level of depth I wanted when meeting new people. With Kenny's tools and the group feedback from MenAware I've turned everything around and now, I'm getting dates, making new and better friends and being more ballsy in my career, all while putting in less effort and enjoying the process more than ever before!"
Bertie, 25

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