Online Men's Groups by Donation

menSpeak online screenshot

MenCheck-In was launched in early 2020, in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and lockdowns around the world.

It is a one hour men's group currently running online, every weekday lunchtime.

There is no set fee for these groups. You can donate however much you like towards the running of the online check-ins.

We start with two minutes silence, followed by brief introductions, including how you're feeling at this moment. (You are under no pressure to share and can say "Pass" at any time.)

From there, we may go into themes emerging in our introductions, or we may go somewhere else entirely - it depends on what the group wants. We end with another two minutes silence.

A MenCheck-In is a great space to share whatever's on your mind, release some pressure and connect with others in a confidential and non-clinical space.

"I felt anxious and spaced out beforehand, but almost immediately after the check-in round I felt much calmer and more stable. I didn't realise how much I'd missed real sharing with good men. It felt like a luxury to be able to chat, hang out, laugh, talk about real issues and feel connected in such a disconnected and chaotic time. The groups are essential for me for maintaining my sanity and remembering what life is really about - friendship through thick and thin, and finding the humour in every situation."

Bertie, 27

Up to nine men per group, though we split into smaller groups led by different facilitators if more men are attending.

"I think groups like this are hugely important, for men particularly, because there are so few other outlets for men to open up and talk frankly about their feelings without fear of embarrassment or being judged."

Chris Sheldon, Arboriculturist

"In the first group I attended, I was able to vocalise negative thoughts and feelings that I had been internalising for months, and felt a weight on my mind immediately starting to shift. I felt supported, respected, and challenged to become a better person."

Jamie Rudman, Public Health Professional

"I got into mens groups after reading 'No More Mr Nice Guy' by Robert Glover. I feel like I've transitioned from a boy to man thanks to MenSpeak. Through it I've discovered purpose, passion, and my closest friends."

Bertie, 27

"I joined MenSpeak to share my life challenges during my separation from my ex-wife. I needed someone to listen as I felt I had no one to really turn to in a time of need. And this program saved my life. Literally."

John D, Computer Programmer 

"I built an invaluable social network of great men and friends to share, connect and learn with. The groups have helped me become a better and authentic man, husband and father. The groups are priceless to help navigate the ups and downs of personal and professional life."

"I wish MenSpeak was available to me from teenage years. I have definitely been saved from experiencing enduring labels and problems that would have been labelled as "mental health problems."