Open Groups

two men laughing at a men's group in London
"In the first group I attended, I was able to vocalise negative thoughts and feelings that I had been internalising for months, and felt a weight on my mind immediately starting to shift. I felt supported, respected, and challenged to become a better person."
Jamie Rudman
Public Health Professional
Our Open Groups are longer than our MenCheck-In groups. They give us more time and space to share, listen and learn about ourselves and everyday life, as we drop our ‘nice guy’, 'macho man’, or whatever masks we’ve been wearing, and get real.

Typically, Open Groups host five to eight men of all ages and backgrounds per group so we don’t feel rushed and can spend real quality time in each others company.

All of our Open Groups bookings are managed at Meetup. To join you need to create a Meetup account (or use your existing one) and RSVP to your MenSpeak event of choice.
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