Our Story

a men's group around a campfire
MenSpeak men’s groups are confidential spaces for men to hang out, be heard and get real. Dropping facades, we get authentic and turn "mask-uline" into masculine.

It all started in the year 2000 when I (Kenny) wanted to be met by my male friends at depth, beyond drink, drugs, sex, addictions, money, muscles and monkey-ing about and putting on a good show while feeling empty inside.

I got a dozen or so of my closest male friends in my lounge, with five years travel freshly under my belt but no prior experience of men's groups.

Within a year, men told other men and there were far too many men to fit in my lounge, so we hired rooms, refined the structure and it grew from there.

Since then, we’ve supported thousands of men worldwide with groups in London (UK) and online. We’ve also created a training programme for men who want to run their own men’s groups, as it’s all about passing it on.

If you want to change or improve yourself, your work, relationships, or want to figure out your passion or purpose in life, or just want to let off some steam and hang out at depth with other men, come join us at MenSpeak men’s group.

Love Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz (founder of MenSpeak) and the whole Menspeak team

Group Events

We hold weekday check-ins, weekly men’s groups and other online events.


Weekday online men's groups by donation
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Open Groups

Our regular drop-in men's group with more space for depth
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Closed Groups

Meet with the same group of men once a month for six months.
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