Quick Start Guide

Our men’s groups have helped thousands of men learn how to open up and get more out of life. 

We want to help even more. 

We are really passionate about “passing it on” and created a Quickstart Guide for people who don’t necessarily want to do our MenFacilitate training, but are still keen to hold their own spaces for men.

In this guide, you’ll get our top tips on:

  • how to structure your groups
  • how to prepare people for their first group
  • how to get the conversation started. 

People have used the MenSpeak men’s groups structure as a therapeutic tool, a conversation opener, a social game and in after-party, chill-out, wind-down zones. 

Download our quick start guide, amend it to suit your own needs and support the men in your community to hang out, be heard and get real!