Kenny is interviewed on the Spartan Up! podcast. Here's their description of the video:

The “man whisperer” Mammarella-D'Cruz runs men’s groups that set them on a course to fulfillment. Clients, even billionaires, find they need help understanding how to achieve happiness. His ability was honed by the dire circumstances of his own childhood. After his family was placed on the death list in Uganda, Mammarella-D'Cruz spent a significant portion of his formative years on the run. This summoned his survival instincts, which were vital at the time, but when the threat eased were not helping him live the life he had dreamed. After a string of successful endeavours that left him wanting, he learned to live life to it’s fullest and is helping others do the same.

Kenny is interviewed by Rebecca Lowrie and talks about a a range of topics including:

1:58 - On stories and addictions
2:41 - My old addiction to adrenaline
4:25 - Feeling that someone wanted to kill me
5:11 - My pattern
9:08 - How to release negative feelings
14:06 The rules of the Victim Club
16:57 The biggest gift you can give yourself and your fellow Victim Club members
21:20 Avoiding embarassment
21:42 Controlling/manipulation of others using humiliation
23:13 How to really be a 'good parent'
24:42 How I got over my OCD by brushing my teeth in the shower
28:57 How men's groups can help you
30:09 Surprising fact about what makes men cry in men's groups
34:28 When you want salad but everyone's getting pizza
37:22 Owning "negative" emotions
38:22 What usually happens when you're triggered
42:08 What happens in a voice dialogue session
50:29 Space and it's importance
51:15 How to tell the difference between a sign and a temptation