Kenny was asked how we can share our vulnerabilities with people. The answer is easier than you think, and can really set your life free.

In this Q&A instalment, Kenny talks about the changes, issues and feelings that come about during a mid-life crisis. Is this a hidden opportunity for us?

Kenny explains how you can find out ‘who you really are’, and issues a challenge to you to get clear and to shift to the life you want.

What do you do when your wife/husband/partner wants you to change? The answer really lays deeper within you, your partner and the change that already is happening around you.

I talk about how you can manage your anxiety and create space to authentically live your life happily ever now.

What’s really happening when you're outgrowing your friends? I talk about the shift that’s occurring, my own experience and how you can use it to help everyone grow, not just you.